Introduction to The Timothy Circle Dream

I would like to introduce you to The Timothy Circle and our dream for the Circle T Ranch.

We are building a God-centered community dedicated to men with developmental challenges, a place where they can enjoy working, playing and being supportive to one another while living in a family setting. The Ranch is in Valley Center, California, on productive acreage where the "Ranchers" will learn to be self-supporting. The Circle T Ranch is a safe and secure environment where they can explore and discover their talents, values and true potential.

The Circle T Ranch fits into a unique niche providing a "full and total life" continuum of care for men with special needs. In essence, the Ranch will provide a supervised inclusion alternative to the governments approach to inclusion without supervision.  The Ranch is a private operation overseen by a Board of Directors.  We believe that God will provide for our resources and that the free enterprise system works,  therefore we accept no money from any Governmental agency.  

There is no more sacred trust than being accountable for the care of a loved one and the responsibility to encourage and nurture his/her personal growth in all areas of human and spiritual development. We believe that God prepared us and has called us to this responsibility.

The Board of Directors, my husband, Reverend Fred Gillett, and I are dedicated to providing the highest quality of supervision, programs, services, and facilities to fulfill our commitment to the men we were called to serve.


Karen J. Gillett, President/Chairman of the Board


Who We Serve

Ranchers must be 18 years of age or older; they must have completed, currently enrolled in an independent living program or show appropriate strengths in independent living skills; have an IQ at 65 to 85; be potentially self-sustaining both physically and financially (Ranch jobs, job coaching and off-ranch work programs will be offered); must be willing and able to contribute to family (group) living in performing normal house keeping or house support chores.


The Problem?

It is estimated that there are as many as two million Americans who are currently identifiable as having a developmental disability with an IQ below 75. According to a recent article by JANE GLENN HAAS of the the Orange County Register, "it is estimated that over 3,085 mentally retarded adults are living with aging parents in Southern California. These aging retarded people are among an estimated 526,000 nationally cared for by parents 60 and older. That number is expected to double by 2030."

As children, below the age of 18, there are many programs and laws which protect their rights to an education and social programs. At 18 many of those programs are no longer accessible. If the person has an IQ above 69 there may be no program assistance.

Tragically enough, these circumstances come at a time in the lives of these special people when they are reaching their maximum potential for learning and growing. Much of this potential is lost when these adults are not challenged to develop and to turn their potential into a positive force in their lives.

As a result, proper care for the developmentally challenged adult with an IQ from 65 to 85 is an ignored issue in most communities. In smaller communities there is usually lifetime support by caring friends and relatives. Jobs and support can continue into old age. But in a larger metropolitan area, such as in Southern California, there are obvious disadvantages for a person with a developmental disability competing with people who are not hindered by a disability. They wind up living with aging parents or relatives who are ill-equipped to take care of a frustrated middle-aged adult with special needs. Many end up living on the streets. Those with IQs below 70 are at least offered social assistance in places that generally offer a mediocre life-style at best and many do not provide an environment of challenge and development of self-respect.

Adults with developmental challenges face daily challenges in a society that identifies them as second-class citizens. The challenges are both physical and mental. Most of us will never feel or experience the types of stares, comments, or ridicule they receive every day. Many have suffered silently since childhood and have been made fun of and taken advantage of right into adulthood. We believe it’s time to build a place where they can live, work, learn and worship in the safety of a positive atmosphere; a place where they can develop their self-respect and feel like and be a contributor to society.

That is our vision for the Circle T Ranch.


Our Goal

"Providing an Enriched Life for Men with Developmental Disabilities"

Enhanced living for special men so they can thrive with dignity in a new life experience.

The Ranch will be a permanent residence for men with IQ's at or above 65 with housing, dining, education, recreation, work and worship facilities. It will be a “place” where men  can interact with each other and with the nearby community under the protection of caring elders who will serve as surrogate parents.

The men selected will have completed a program of independent living or be ready for it through training. They will be over 18 years of age and be in good health. They will be interested and able to live in a rural setting, away from parents and family. They will be willing to work as contributing members of the team to gain full independent living status. We believe that this accomplishment will bring them to new levels of self worth.

 There will be individual living quarters for each person, a ranch house for dining and recreation, and separate living facilities for staff. The Valley Center environment support agriculture: vineyards, avocados, flowers and citrus. 

Most of the prospective Ranchers are now receiving supplemental monies and aid from the cities, counties and/or state services groups. Our goal is to make the Ranch and Ranchers self-supporting. We believe that achieving the goal of being self-supporting will create self-pride in the Ranchers and respect in the community.

To get underway, we need to find support through friends, business, private grants and mission monies from friendly churches. We would like you to prayerfully consider what you can do to help us reach this dream.

Our desire is to grow this idea with the help of God, as it was borne. God has already provided us with many great people who want to make a difference in the lives of others. We now need your help in identifying the resources to help us. This is just the beginning of a great dream.


Board of Directors
Karen Gillett Chairman of the Board, President
Fred Gillett Vice President, Secretary
Guy Di Pasqua Treasurer
Jill Cannon  
Debra Di Pasqua  
Debbie Hutchinson, Psy. D  
Loretta Miller  
Jeff Norseen  
Katherine Polvorosa  
Dr. Ralph Showers  



The Timothy Circle, Inc. is a 501© (3) non-profit Corporation incorporated in the State of California (EIN 33-0927440). We are a Federal tax-exempt organization.

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